Saleable Service | Recurring Sales Invoice

We provide services to our customers every month. The services are created as separate ticket item as Non-Inventory items.

We plan to implement recurring sales invoice as a efficient tool however ticket item would be different every month therefore we need your guidance to set proper parameter for recurring sales invoice and successful implementation.

Recurring sales invoices are probably not the right approach, because you would have to edit every recurring sales invoice every month before creating them. Recurring sales invoices are for situations where the invoice does not change from month to month.

A better approach might be to create one sales invoice, then clone it and change the customer before creating it. This assumes that the “ticket,” whatever you meant by that, is the same from customer to customer each month.

Thank you for your quick response.

We have a bit complex requirement, the ticket item would be same but discount w.r.t each customer would vary. In addition, we have 1000+ customer and doing this exercise with these many customers is not a wise solution.

Is there any other way, Manager can guide us.