Multiple customer purchase same product at same time

I have a service based organisation with three main products and about 250 recurring customers who purchase once each year. Is there a way to set up an automatic invoice each year for every customer or do I have to manually set up each customer’s invoicing?

You can create recurring sales invoices under Settings, but you must do so for each customer. Read the Guide about recurring invoices.

Thank you. I thought as much. No worries.

I assume you are currently creating an invoice for each customer every year.

Instead of that, for the next year, create a recurring invoice for each customer. If the next due date is in the past you will immediately have a pending auto-created invoice, if you get ahead, the invoice will be created when required.
After the first year invoices will be create automatically.

There is no batch create or batch update for recurrent invoices. The facility would probably be useful for you if you were comfortable working at that level. Particularly for updating the price of your services for all customers (as updating inventory item pricing does not change the price of inventory sales for recurrent sales invoices).

This statement is not quite correct. Recurring sales invoices are never created automatically. Reminders of pending invoices are generated automatically, but additional steps are necessary to actually create the invoices. See

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Good tip. Thank you.