Recurring sales orders / invoices

how can i print a report of recurring sales order’s / Invoice’s i run a mowing business and this would help with planning. so i can have a print out at any time.


There are no recurring sales orders in Manager.

If your recurring sales invoices are up to date (meaning none are pending to be created), you can go to the Settings tab, click on Recurring Sales Invoices, and see a list with the next issue dates:


You can export the list to a spreadsheet. Note that, if a recurring invoice is pending, the list will show the first pending invoice as the next issue date.

We are managing school and are exploring all possibilities of transiting revenue and receipt in Manager. Therefore, it is vital that ‘fee voucher’ can be issued from the application.

At initial stage, customer comes in and inquires for academics, facilities and fee etc. Then, a registration form is submitted; on which issue an invoice/voucher for admission fee etc. At this stage, any invoice issue have accounting implications. Whereas, customer has not confirmed the admission yet so it should not account for and should spare in a form like recurring sales invoices. Even, it is proportionate that some customer do take admission in other schools too.

Considering the operational dynamics, we would like to request Manager if a view and print option can be added to Recurring Sales Invoice this will assist us to overcome such practical challenge.

We will also appreciate, if Manager can guide us for any other solution available with ready option.

You should be issuing a sales quote, which can be named anything want, with no accounting impact. There is no place in what you describe for a recurring sales invoice.

Thank you for the guidance.