Sale Items to cost price

How to sell items with cost price to some customers.

You mean how to give some customers discount? How to sell inventory items at cost price? Not sure what you mean.

Not discount but actual purchase price
For example:- I purchase a digital camera with 50$ so I want sale this camera to a customer with the same price.

When issuing invoice to customer, you can change unit price so it reflects what you paid.

But problem is that some time I don`t know what is the purchase price of the required item.
Is there any other option or custom field to mention that for “Sale Price” and “Purchase Price” when I Issue a new Invoice.

Are these inventory items? If so, then go to Inventory Items tab to determine cost price.

If you don’t have perpetual inventory and just buying stuff on your client’s behalf, then you could use Disbursements tab instead. See: Manager Cloud

When I am issue a new invoice then “Unite Price” automatically fill the mention price which is created in the “Purchase Invoices”.

So, Is there any other extra column or drop down menu for select “Unite price” or “Purchase Price”.

Because I don`t want to go again in “Purchase Invoice” section to check that what is the “Purchase Price” of the item.

This is not yet possible. You will need to manually adjust the price. In future Manager will support “price levels” where you will be able to set up different pricing for different groups of customers. For now, you just have to enter correct price into Unit price field manually if default price is not applicable.

Thanks you very much.
Lets wait when it will happened. :blush: