Possible bug - purchase invoices other currency


Possible bug… just setting up and I am very new to this so could be my issue… however…

Buying from a European Supplier (setup, setup currency for them to EUR)
Base currency set to Australian Dollar (AUD)
Selling as AUD.
Added Exchange rate from AUD to EUR of 1.57:1 (the googled rate as of yesterday)
Added all the individual items to the inventory with the purchase price and a selling price (which equals Au$10 margin on each product) (Note: would be nice to be able to select/configure a base margin to auto-calculate this)

Server edition (just downloaded, so assuming latest version)

So Sales invoice for inventory works brilliantly. Even shows minus inventory because we needed to put in the sale before we actually put in the purchase( because we’re being slack and doing it in reverse order for urgency on getting a bill in.)

However just gone to the purchase invoice and it auto-filled ‘EUR’ for the supplier as expected, however when we added the inventory item on each row it populated the unit price with the AUD amount with a trailing ‘EUR’ after the line… Worse we updated the ‘19.81’ unit price to the ‘10.27’ (eur ammount) and it put in 1027.00 as the purchase price - (quantity is still 1), and I checked for typo’ing 10.27 to 10,27 etc… (can we get a feature request to do the auto-conversion, or the inventory items be able to specify buy currency and sell currency separately.)


Thanks in advance,


Ok as an update - it appears when my wife put in the entries she had actually used a comma, only could tell when I loaded the invoices up on my machine (thank god for the server version).

Other points though would be good to be reviewed… also found that paying an invoice the value put in the field is the EUR value but treated as AUD so had to use an external calc to work out the amount that should be paid and put in the ‘Optional EUR’ field the amount that Manager though it was supposed to be.

You have touched many subjects in your two posts. So I’m not sure I followed all your points/questions. Here are a few responses:

  1. Prices entered when defining inventory items are always interpreted as being in your base currency. Even when you sell to a custom in another currency, the same figure appears, with no conversion.

  2. You can perform calculations in fields as you make entries. See https://www.manager.io/guides/18222.

  3. You cannot set up a customer in a foreign currency and then sell to them in base currency. If you will do both, you need to create two separate customers in separate currencies.

  4. If you are going to do business in multiple currencies, you need cash or bank accounts in multiple currencies. When you invoice a customer in a foreign currency and then receive money against that invoice, the program interprets the receipt as being in the foreign currency, so it has to be deposited to a foreign-currency cash or bank account.