S.No. how to remove the numbering, if there is no items

Hello Team,

How to remove numbering like, S.No. 1,2,3… if i have only 2 items, but i added more raws just to fill the invoice as a uniform way for A4 print. how to remove the remaining unwanted numbering from 3,4,5,…10

any way please help.

Once you have modified your theme to insert the line numbers, you really cannot take them out without further, major code modifications. It would have been easier to modify the theme for a larger table box in the first place. This is what comes from using empty accounting transactions, which is what blank lines are, for graphic design.

If you are fixated on having a standard size table, but don’t have the programming skills to create it yourself, you should hire a local programmer. This forum is not the place to acquire those skills.

Hi Admin,

any chance that this Serial No ( numbering) that we can enter while creating sales invoice??

Why not just implement it in the line loop in your custom theme? Initialise a counter and increment it with each iteration through the items in the invoice.

@Cognicom, that is exactly what @rebiheaven has done, probably following the Guide on the subject. (That Guide was created because many users wanted line item numbers on their invoices.)

I removed S.No now, and added Item Code as serial Number, now i need to edit “Code” to “S.No” how can we edit column name. anyone please edit?codecode

also amount in words in same total line, anyone please help, i referred the previous topics, no one explained clearly

@rebiheaven, this forum is not the place to learn Liquid coding or debug your custom themes. I am closing the topic.