How to Add Product list number?

Hello All,

How can I add SL.No for each item? It’s not showing any number of items, It hard to count how many products billed? Help me to add numbers Like the picture I have given.

Do this with a custom theme. Read the Guide:

Thank You, Its working But How to activate this theme… There are no Active button in it.mmmmm

See Guide Change the look of forms with themes | Manager
At the bottom is says how to use the theme.

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Thank you. it worked :blush: I have another doubt, how can I add gst tax amount and tax percentage in my invoice like this picture shows? is there any option to do this ?

Read the Guide: Every question you have asked is covered in the Guides. They should be your first resource.

The tax components will not be shown exactly like you illustrate in your screen shot. But Manager’s display meets the requirements of your law.

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I have an another Issue, Manager Prints LOGO and company and customer information on every page of the invoice, I need it in the first page only. Is there any Solution for this ?

Do not divert topics with unrelated questions.

You can solve your problem by using Print instead of PDF. But you may not like where the document is split. This has been discussed in the forum many times. After you search the Guides, search the Forum before posting new questions.

I have been able to add serial number by modifying the theme.

. However, serial number also is added to “Round off” line item. I have added “Round off” under Expenses in Chart of Accounts. How can I ensure that the serial number is not added to “Round off”?

Thank you.

The effort of suppressing a line number for rounding is not worth it after you have gone to the trouble of adding them with a custom them. Your approach also bypasses automatic features.

Instead, check the box on the sales invoice entry form to round off the total. The rounding will be listed below the subtotal and will be automatically posted to the Rounding expense account. See Create sales invoices | Manager.

Thank you for your prompt response. I forgot to mention that the screenshot is of a Purchase Invoice and there is no round off option available.

In that case, why does it matter? No one outside your company sees a purchase invoice. And your supplier’s rounding is equivalent to a line on their sales invoice.

Thanks Tut. Agreed. I am just finicky about these kind of stuff. Appreciate your prompt responses. Advance wishes for a better year 2021! :slight_smile:

Well, @AA2, if you are that finicky, you can write a custom theme that would suppress the line item if the description content is “Round off”. But there would be quite a lot of code for no benefit. And if you mistyped the entry, such as “Rounding off” it would not work.

:slight_smile: New year resolution for me - stop being finicky!