Allow Rounding expense account selection

Currently I have to create another Rounding Account called Rounding income which not included in Purchase Invoice as oppose to Sales Invoice. Rather having redundant 2 accounts for the same purpose, can’t we have option called rounding adjustment that can be selected from purchase invoice and sales invoice at the same time in edit view?

Two points:

  1. You should not be rounding purchase invoices. Your supplier charges however much they charge, and that is what you should enter. Rounding a purchase invoice will distort average cost of inventory or otherwise misrepresent your costs of doing business. If your supplier rounds their sales invoice to you, that is identical to a price change.
  2. If you want to rename Rounding expense to Rounding adjustments, you can do that. But since you should not be rounding purchase invoices, why bother?

I’m actually following supplier’s invoice line items. They actually rounding it,. my problem is, when the gst 6% is not within my control how much decimal numbers I can define since the manager is calculated for me (which I’m not suppose to adjust after calculated with gst). The invoice amount will not match for several cents (0.xx) due their way of rounding it after tax. I need to adjust via line items in manager, Since I can’t select the rounding expense, ended create my own rounding adjustment account.

The fault of rounding it after gst calculated lies on supplier, :thinking:

Our denomination of 1 cents is now deprecated they had to do that way. My opinion the adjustment made is not relative to price change.

The supplier mentioned activity’s is telecommunication service, bill-to-bill. The adjustment just in the books @tut.

If they had to change the price they should adjust it before gst calculated not after.

Do note I’m not asking it to have same feature of rounding nearest similar to sales invoice, I’m only asking it allow it to be selected as account to be posted to.

If I’m not adjusting to match against the purchase invoice I received of course it will distorted (by cents) :joy:

If this issue are not to be address, and I’m sorry rounding adjustment feature will not be useful function in manager since is better to use line items select self made rounding adjustment account to be use in both sales invoice and purchase invoice.

The problem with this is that Rounding expense is a built-in, automatically activated account to which things are posted only from sales invoices according to hard coding. Tinkering with such accounts in Manager could lead to unexpected problems. So it is better to do it your way, with a specially created account.