Restricting a user from creating master accounts

How to stop restricted user from creating master accounts such as cash/bank accounts?
Even though the user can’t access cash/bank accounts after creation, but I believe it is better be restricted.

I believe there should be separation between authorities given for creating a transaction, creating a an account, and creating a report.

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I think New Bank Account / New Cash Account can be moved to setting to avoid unintended creation by restricted users.

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I’m planning to revamp user permissions to make them even more flexibile. Currently the implementation how you can restrict users to certain bank/cash accounts is a bit cumbersome because you can’t do it without giving them access to Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs which you don’t want here.

Glad to have that :+1:t2:

On a similar note @lubos, please restrict unwanted information pouring in the inventory section. I was hoping it would change but it’s been 2 years. Inventory users have access to purchase prices, costs and sales. In such a scenario with 65+ users protecting that information and business privacy gets nearly impossible.
Will user permissions be heading in such a direction ? This is a major bottle neck for us completely deploying this for our offices.