Bank/Cash user access control (Feature Request)

I have never used the Server or the cloud version before, but, I want to know if during the permitted action set up the administrator can control the Bank and cash account the user may access.

Many organisations have cash accounts or bank accounts especially made for a project or a company activity e.g. Petty Cash, Project A cash account, Sales Point cash Vault, etc. Usually the companies may not want the person managing that cash account to see Transactions happening in other cash and bank accounts which are not related to their accounts.

I therefore suggest that after the administrator select Cash or bank Module when setting up a user,Manager should display the existing bank/cash accounts and allow the administrator to select which ones the user can see or access.


This is an important feature and was discussed quite few times in earlier posts. But don’t know if @lubos has any plan to implement it.

I do plan to implement this however I will need to re-think permission model first.


Yes i agree, there is an ongoing discussion with regards to users restricted from the ability to update or edit other user’s accounting entries, and automatic displaying of names of users on printed invoices.
I am sure implementation will require a lot of reprogramming, but I believe it will be best to implement.

We are advancing :smile:

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