User permissions and cash accounts

Hi I’m facing a problem in cloud edition after this update that the user which has limited access was previously able to receive money of invoice in both cash and bank accounts but after the update users are unable to receive money in any of the accounts as where the account appears there the no match error appears as no account is visible there

@fahadalarab when you go to user permissions under Users tab, do you see these users having access to bank accounts & cash accounts tabs?

No the permission is not checked there, as if i check User will be able to see the complete cash summary and the tab which is not good as it shows the purchase payments aswell

this is the error

Well, when you check Cash Accounts tab or Bank Accounts tab, you will be able to further restrict user to certain bank/cash accounts only. If you don’t let them access any cash accounts or bank accounts, then they won’t be able to post receipts to them. This is how it worked previously and this update has not changed that.

Previously it was like this that the user has no tab access to cash accounts or bank accounts but still user is able to receive money in respective accounts (without accounts permission)


now the problem is that user is unable to receive as no accounts appearing (without accounts permission)

now if i allow permissions to the accounts this is the problem that user is able to see every payment as both tabs appear now which is not good that purchase payments etc can be seen by the user

Am i now able to illustrate both problems?

When you enable Cash Accounts tab or Bank Accounts tab, you can select specific account(s) user can see. You don’t have to give them access to every single account created under those tabs.

What you need to do is go to User permissions, give user access to Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab but select only bank/cash accounts you want them actually see.


By the way, I just checked and this is how it worked before too. You weren’t able to create receipts for accounts user couldn’t see.

each invoice has to be received in specific account which the user is aware of and the user must receive in that particular account for particular invoice so a user must have access to those accounts without being able to see the other transactions of payments etc from those accounts

previously i did not give the permission checks to the users but still they were able to receive in accounts till last night, from today morning its not happening now. could there be any other reason?

I’m going to take your word that it was possible but it might have been a bug. It wasn’t intentional to allow users to post into accounts they haven’t been given access to.

Moving onwards, I’m trying to decide whether allowing restricted users to post to any cash account or bank account (even if they are not allowed to see the tabs) is something that I should allow.

The key is that if they are able to create a transaction, they should be able to see it somewhere created. I guess this requirement is met because restricted users who are recording payment for invoice can see ledger of the invoice which would reveal the receipt.

However I need to tighten the workflow so users can only create such receipts for invoices they are actually viewing and nothing else.

Yes this would be great, also can it be applied to purchase invoices that the user which records purchases is able to pay from the same accounts without seeing other transactions or balances, I was recording all purchases my self with full access so i don’t know whether with purchases was it working the same way or not.

Try it and see.

Lubos, this will be a great feature in the program because a restricted user to an acount can be given access to received money into a cash/bank account. This will help SMEs with limited number of personnel.

Won’t that be defeating the segregation of duties for control purposes?

If a user is restricted from a cash/bank account it should remain so. He shouldn’t be able to register any transaction to it.

Looking Let us look at this from this perspective, A cashier may be restricted from seeing the balances of a cash account but can receive payments for invoices into the accounts and issue receipts.
I stand to be corrected though.

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Thanks veryuch. The journal entries are done on weekly basis

Sorry I hv to open this topic again.
Pls have you given any consideration to the concerns we raised in this topic yet?
A client who is trying this program expressed his displeasure with this today. He realised his clerk who is responsible for creating quotes/invoice and receiving payments can view the balances in the accounts and he was not happy with that at all. Pls do something about this.

I’m not really sure what is the issue. If restricted user is given permission to see a bank account or cash account, they will be able to see balance of it.

The issue here is that we want some users (eg. Cashier) to be able to receive payments into bank/cash accounts without seing the summary balances on those accounts.

Keep in mind that Manager is an accounting program. I wonder … how does your Cashier know that there’s a new payment for the account … if they don’t have access to the account in the real world?

If it’s a bank account, I assume they would need to have internet banking access to know that a payment has been received. In internet banking, they can see the total anyway.

If it’s a cash account, like Cash on hand, and they are recording payments that they are physically given over the counter, then they can easily just count how much cash they have in the drawer. So they can find out the total anyway.

Just a thought.

I see it the same way @ShaneAU sees it.

If you really want user to create receipts in Manager without them seeing balances of accounts they are creating receipts for, then just create dummy cash account called To be allocated or something like that and give them access to this account only.

Someone else (with more access) can edit those transactions and assign them to correct cash or bank accounts.

This is a wonderful suggestion. Though it may be a difficult task if there is a lot of payments. But I will use this method for now.

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