Restricted users cannot import inventory items

When I give full access to the business for a user they are not able to import Inventory. I this by design?
I need the user with full access to be able to import inventory as the have to complete the spread sheet and then import the inventory for the shop when I’m not there.

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But shouldn’t be importing of inventory items used only once when setting up the file? Does he need to use this feature regularly or is it once-off for restricted user?

No this is normally only once every now and then when new stock comes in or new have new items for sale. So say quarterly. This would help if user with full access have this functionality otherwise he completes the spreadsheet sends it to me and if I’m able and have internet connection can import the list. They are then dependent on me to continue selling new items or use the time consuming manual way of each item separately.

I don’t mind allowing restricted users to do the import but it is a bulk operation and Manager has currently no undo ability for bulk operations which means restricted users can accidentally import bad data and there is no quick way to fix it other than removing bad records one-by-one, restoring from backup or writing a script to bulk-remove through API.

I’m planning to add undo facility for importing, once that is added, I will allow restricted users to do imports too.

I agree the risk might be and issue. Your idea sounds great that will work.

Hello Lubos,

Was facing the same issue, when running the cloud version. My restricted users are complaining that they are not able to import and have to enter each item manually. It an IT business like mine, the part numbers sometimes vary and new inventory needs to be added all the time depending on the solution.

Would really appreciate if I can have the option of allowing or restricting the Import Function for them. This will mean, i can give access to import inventory to the more experienced users whom I trust (and yet still want as restricted).