Restricted User Rights

I want allow backup rights to restricted user, how I can do this.

This doesn’t look to be possible (just had a quick look to confirm on my copy of Server Edition).

Also, it doesn’t make much sense if the user is restricted. By performing a backup, they now have access to all of the financial data that you’re otherwise hiding from them … they can just restore the backup in the Desktop Edition of Manager to access that information.

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Thanks for your message
I am administrator user of software, and I’m create backup on daily basis, but I want give temporary permission to restricted user for create backup in my absence. So please give me alternative solution.

it is not a safe option to allow a restricted user to make backup of your business for the exact same reason pointed out by @ShaneAU

if you are using the server edition, an alternate option would be to use a 3rd party software to automatically backup the whole Manager application data folder on specific intervals when you, the administrator, is absent.

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Good point @sharpdrivetek - I just came here to say exactly that! :smiley:

The only other option for you @m.kamranhafeezkhan is to make that user a full administrator while you are away. This way, they can perform the backups as needed.

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@ShaneAU this is risky for data, in case of full rights other user can delete and edit transactions.

@sharpdrivetek thanks for your reply

Dear can I copy destination folder of ManagerServer.exe for backup purpose???

the installation folder and application data folder are different.
the business data is stored in the application data folder which you have set under preferences.

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Dear my preferences tab screenshot here, please guide me how I can find business data folder, In software guide typical for me

are you using cloud edition or server edition?
in cloud edition i believe the backups are made automatically.

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I am using Server edition at local area network.

i am hoping that you have not changed the application data folder.
if you haven’t, the default application data folder is C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Manager

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I found a file at this path by name “00000000000000000000000000000000.manager”. Can I make copy of this file for backup purpose???

you can make backup of the whole folder.

if you want to understand the various files in the application data folder, you may read this guide


Ok thanks for guide me. Your information very useful for me. :handshake:

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