New system disk - recovery of Manager files

Hello - I bought a new disk and installed Windows on it. I still have access to the disk with all Manager files.

I installed Manager on the new disk and moved the files from

C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Manager on the old disk

to the same folder on the new disk.

when I want to open the business Manager says

"This business database is not valid

Manager data is stored in SQLite database. However it appears the file you are attempting to open is not a SQLite database."

Are there any other files that need to be moved? Is there any reason Manager couldn’t access my data if I moved them on a new disk (not using export-import).

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

What version of Manager were you using?

It would seem to have been months, if not years, out of date.

There is a special procedure to follow to update from old versions

Please keep unused backups on a separate pen drive so you can revert to the backup if required.

You will need to install an old version of Manager to update your database in two steps. To get the intermediate version see Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

If you have installed a newer version on your local computer, you will need to uninstall the new version prior to installing the intermediate version. When you then try to open your local copy of your business file it will say it has already been opened in a later version but convert it so it’s compatible with the later version anyhow. Alternatively import a new copy of your un-used back up.

In addition to @Patch, the proper procedure is to create backups using Manager and then import these into new installs when migrating like these. In addition, it is recommended to frequently update Manager to more recent versions while keeping separate copies of the backups by date and version of Manager.

For example, I rename backups to include the Manager version used rather than the date as sometimes more new versions are released on a date. It would be useful if @Lubos would consider appending the version number rather than the date to backups, as the date is in any case known as part of the file info.

Thanks everybody - yes, I guess I had an old version on my old disk and now the last version can’t work with those files.

I’ll try installing the same version on the new one and hopefully it’ll work.


why not install the new version on your old disk?

you will have to follow the below steps though.

  1. first download and install the below version.
    Release Manager 20.9.89 · Manager-io/Manager.msi · GitHub
  2. open your business file so that the database is upgraded.
  3. then download and install the latest version from

Hi, all. I succeeded in opening the .manager file, I used version 20.9.74, 20.9.89 wasn’t old enough I think.

Nevertheless, now I have all data in the old version - what do I do next, backup? How do I migrate data to latest version?

Yes before and after every step

Install the latest version and open your partly updated business file

Follow @sharpdrivetek instructions. Version 20.9.89 converts the database once you open the business file. After that you can upgrade to today’s version. All is explained in the links he provided, so be patient and follow the steps and you will be good to go,

Hi, all. I really appreciate your help. Here’s what I did, I installed 20.9.74 and succesfully opened a .manager file from Appdata\Local on the old disk Then I created backup (it is about half the size).

Now I installed 20.9.89 and imported the backup file (I think successfully, it had no errors and the business is now there), however there is no data, only zeros.

Still, I got my data, and I can simply create a new blank business and have the old data saved for reference. So my problem is solved, thank you!

There was a reason this was the first line of my first response.

Shit happens. If your electronic data is corrupted your only option is to reconstruct your electronic records from source data (bank imports and paper invoices).


  • backup everything you can
  • only work with copies of backups
  • make a list of what you actually still have (the older untouched files are the ones most valuable to you).

Something went wrong with the conversation. Redoing it from source data file would be most efficient if you still have the untouched file.

If not listing here what you do have may help.

Hi @lubos,

I really need your help mate, ive tried just about everything - including carefully reading all threads and systematically attempting all known solutions posted by you and others on the forum.

  • My backup file has the below error:
    Manager data is stored in SQLite database. However it appears the file you are attempting to open is not a SQLite database."

  • My backup file size is: 2,232kb, i don’t think its corrupted or if it is I’m optimistic it could be repaired. - i have emailed to you directly, if you could please look at the file for me i would really really really x infinity appreciate it!

I saw in some other threads version 17.12.61 could solve this but i cant find the download for this version anywhere.

I thank you for any assistance you may provide.

Ricardo - Desperately trying to help my Father recover his business files.

Most old versions of Manager can be found at Releases · Manager-io/ · GitHub