Restore - User access (Feature request)

On the topic of user access control, Server version. A “Full Access” user can backup company data but not restore the company data.
Is there a way where there are multiple users and companies to enable a user of a particular company / business / data file to have restore authority of that data file as well?

Currently the server system manager can restore all companies and does this on behalf of a particular business.
Basically can we give an administrator of a particular company / file “Restore Access” facilitating the ability to fully manage their own entity’s restore activity? In addition this particular administrative user must not have visibility or access to any company they are not assigned to.

This has the potential of minimizing the server administrator’s task while pushing data ownership and responsibility back onto the organization concerned. It could make sense for the Cloud implementation as well. Your thoughts…

Why would you need such a facility?? Restore should occur so rarely - not be a frequent task.

I think the answer to your question would be no - as the Backup function occurs within an opened Business, whereas the Restore function occurs when Manager is globally opened, prior to the opening of any Business. Therefore, there is no way to separate an individual restore from the other restores as the user access controls don’t occur until a business is opened.

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@Brucanna is correct. Restore function creates completely new business (it doesn’t replace data in existing business) therefore restore function is available only to administrators.