Backup with user permissions

I use the Cloud version …

When I import a Backup Enterprise, the privileges I had assigned through the restricted access until then were not active, that is, every time after Backup, I have to restore certain restrictions to all users of that company.

Is there a possibility that importing Backup Enterprise works within a company such as Export, or that all created restrictions are inherited in the original settings of that company.

Unfortunately no because user permissions are not stored in the backup of the business.

Why do you keep re-importing backups into cloud edition? What are you trying to solve by this?

Nothing in particular, I simply tried to see if it was possible to inherit all of the pre-set settings regarding restricted access.

I’m providing accounting services, so I’m looking for suitable software for my clients who have small businesses to help them work, but they have a lot of requirements in this regard, from overlapping administrator privileges to user privileges.

Probably the best way to solve this would be to add ability to copy user permissions from one business to another. This is something you’d do after import.

User permissions are now stored within business file in the latest version (21.1.57).

So the backup function will backup user permissions too.


It would be nice to have a checkbox to include/keep out user permissions.

The problem with that would be that permissions are not stored anywhere else. After restoring from backups, you would need to recreate them all. And access to a backup would give any user full access to the business.

On the other hand, history, emails, and attachments are not necessary to functionality or security. And there can be valid reasons for wanting a data file without them.

Actually the real reason is that attachments, history or emails can all potentially take a lot of space in the database while user permissions will take miniscule space.

If you want to delete user permissions from the backup, you can always open the backup, go to Settings then User Permissions and do batch delete.

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Nice, I can access user permissions from two views in two different places. That’s a more than welcomed change.

Thank @lubos

Great! I like the direction this is going. Looks like non-administrator accounts with full access to a business will eventually be able to create users (non-administrator accounts with full or custom access) for the business. You can currently do this but the account is greyed out and non-functional.

When it is fully functional, administrators only need to create a single account for a business and that user takes away the responsibility of managing the users in that business from the administrator.

The new permission under settings is great, especially because it is included in a backup. The idea of a user with full access to create new users can work well but must be limited to the specific business. @lubos what is your opinion plan on this?