Restore Manager business after Mac os reinstall

Hi, if anyone can assist I would be most grateful.
Had a MacBook crash. Had to reinstall os from scratch.
My last Manager backups are a bit dated - 6-months so not a happy situation.
iCloud has reinstated everything, but Manager is not seeing my recently added Businesses.
I’m sure if I can find where the files are typically saved they should be there.


See Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager

Your application data folder is hidden. Show hidden files by pressing Command + Shift + . at the same time while in Finder. Hide them again by pressing the same combination.

Posting this for future reference. Lost data was fully recovered from Time Machine backup.
As Tut says above. The default location on Mac is in hidden folders. …Users/[your name]/.local/share/Manager The .local is hidden until revealed with Command + Shift + [.]
For me, these Manager files were old data somehow restored during the reinstallation of the Mac os. However, I had a Time Machine backup on an external drive. Whilst in the .local/share folder - start Time Machine. It starts in the same folder, only now one can roll back in time. Going back to the day before the crash (fortunately, I had done a Time Machine backup) - there were the latest Manager files. Press restore. Eureka!
After that, I have now set the Manager folder to an accessible location, which is also in iCloud. (See post from Patch above).