Find Business files on MacOS Mojave

I updated from 19.12.13 today, but forgot to backup and new version is ‘empty’.
Have MacOS-Mojave 10.14.16 and a time machine backup, but I cannot find Manager folder. I tried Command+shift+. but didn’t show. Also tried other recommendation to go to Finder/Go to Folder/ and type: /Users/Tut/.local/share/Manager but that didn’t help.

Please note that your version is from 2019, the version as time of writing is Manager v21.11.64 see Download | Manager

The answers to back-up and update are already provided in posts in this forum. You are advised to search the forum on “back-up” and also on how to upgrade from a very old version, which is a multi-step process.

Why would you search for username “Tut”?
You have to replace that with your OS username and search.

As in /Users/ajewer/.local/share/Manager

In finder the name next to the House icon (see image below) is the one you need to replace Tut with.
Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 07.36.19 username

Thanks for that great tip - obviously I am no computer expert and I did wonder about the name. Being a Mac user all my life, I’m not used to threads and I am old and out of the workforce!! :flushed:Learning all the time, ha ha. Found a file, now I have to work out how to reinstate it.

  1. Save it somewhere safe just in case something goes wrong
  2. Then Import the business file, see

I suspect you must have done this at some time

Thanks Patch. One file imported successfully. 3 more to go. Woohoo!