Help on sales and inventory transactions

Hi - really excited about this software as I think it is the first available for Linux users.

I am having trouble getting started and wondered if I could get some guidance. I come from 10 years of using Quickbooks, so have some basic knowledge. I have read through the guides, created a test company, 2 test customers, 2 test products, 2 test suppliers. Now I am trying to figure out how to proceed.

Here are my questions thus far:

  1. My business is online selling products. Customers will pay with Paypal. Since they will be paying immediately, I am thinking they would be cash transactions, but that doesn’t allow me to choose a customer (I expect to have repeat customers). Therefore, I am thinking I should be using Sales Invoices. How do I get from the sales invoice to getting the invoice paid and the money getting recorded and connected to the customer?
  2. How does inventory get added and depleted? I was thinking it would be added through the Goods Receipt and depleted with sales to customers, but I can’t figure out how to make that happen.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


With regards to 1 - In the normal sense they are cash sales but that doesn’t stop you from setting them up as Customers and using Sales Invoices to track repeat Customers. With regards to the payments, set PayPal up as a Cash Account (if the deposits are retained there) and then treat the transactions as any other “bank” account. You would Receive Money and for the Account use Accounts Receivable, then a second field appears where you select the Customer and then the Invoice.

With regards to 2 - for basic Inventory management you would just use Purchase Invoices & Sales Invoices (+ Cash Spend/Receive Money) - these would add to and subtract from Inventory item balances…

For more involved Inventory Management you would also use the Goods Receipts and Delivery Notes tabs which are then interlinked with Purchases & Sales Invoices. These tabs allow you to track Inventory when there are timing differences between events (if required) . Unless these are crucial to your operations a lot of users ignore as they required additional layers (duplication) of processing

Initially for your test company, don’t have the Goods Receipts and Delivery Note tabs activated - de-select them under Customise. Once you are comfortable with the basic processes then ascertain if you need to use those other tabs.

Wow - this was so helpful! I think I get it now. I have been trying this out and here is what I am finding:

  1. For Sales Invoice, I choose the Customer and Item and Quantity of Item. Then I Create Invoice. Then I Receive Money. In the Receive Money fields, I select the account that is receiving money, then I don’t enter anything else as all the relevant fields have been prepopulated. Then I click Create and everything is done.
  2. For Purchase Invoice, I choose the Supplier, Item, and Quantity. Then I click Create. Then I click Spend Money. I then choose the account that is Paid From. Again, I don’t select anything else as it is prepopulated, then choose Create and everything is done.

This is so simple and compact. It looks like inventory and the different accounts are having the relevant transactions entered. It looks like this covers everything. Is there anything I am missing that might be relevant for a simple web-based, no employee, product-only business?

Thanks again!

You are doing everything correctly. But if the customer or supplier has more than one invoice unpaid you can select specific invoices instead of allowing the program to auto-allocate to the oldest.

I know this post is a few months old, but I am having difficulty again. After I create the Purchase Invoice, I click Spend Money from that same screen, fill out all the fields, and click Create. The problem is my Purchase Invoice isn’t showing Paid In Full. I have ones that I did before that show paid, but the one I created today isn’t. I have tried it a few times and it isn’t doing what I think it should. I am thinking I forgot a step, but can’t figure out what.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You need to furnish more information. Do you mean the completed document doesn’t show the Paid in Full stamp? Or do you mean the status list doesn’t show it as being paid?

If the first, that only works on sales invoices in the default theme (or ones derived from it that include that code).

If the second, your payment was most likely allocated automatically to some other unpaid purchase invoice from that supplier.

Hi Tut - thanks for your reply. It was the second situation you listed. I think I figured it out. After I clicked Spend Money, I was entering the product and quantity again. That was causing it to not register as a payment. If I don’t enter the product in the Item drop down, it goes through. Do you happen to know why it does that?

Why, that makes it a Cash Sale instead of being an Accounts Receivable payment.

Yes, because you were converting the Accounts Receivable payment into a Cash Sale

Your description is a little vague. But understand that to pay off a purchase invoice, you have to post the payment to Accounts Payable.