Reselling access to server edition

Love the program, especially the server edition. So simple, easy, perfect!
A question RE reselling.

Am I allowed to sell hosting to my clients and/or advice and support based on my license of Manager?

Yes, you can.


Simple answers. LOVE IT!

I am interest too would you please send me more details via email

I am interest can you send me more details via email
thank you

There are no detail to be sent. When you run server edition on your server, you can do whatever you like with it. If you want to resell access to your server, you can.


I have a question. Can one for example sell the Rebranded Desktop version to clients? I have this idea as many don’t want to use subscription based products such as Sage, Xero, Quickbooks etc., but are willing to pay a small fee for example $ 25 once off for the platform, given that I supply them with updates.

If yes, which rights do I have to keep in mind and how do I go about finding them? There is a copyright on the software as far as I know.

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@HRIHInvestments nothing really stops you from selling something that is normally available for free. But sooner or later your customers will find out. That’s not how you build a real business.

@lubos you have said something very powerful here.

You could pay the Cloud license.

Create a new business for each customer and charge them a small monthly fee to access their business online

You could provide some support and advice for them in return
If you have enough customers then you should be able to cover the monthly fee

If you have IT expertise you could use the server version but it might be easier to stay with the Cloud

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I understand, which is why I am opting to make it available with a business startup kit that includes many other useful tools such as templates, guides etc. so that it does not create a bad image. In this I would be advocating for marketing the cloud version as well. This means the desktop version will be a free lifetime trial. Also, is there intention of including auto loading of statements/transactions instead of adding or importing them manually in future versions?

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You may not believe this but in developing countries, people still think anything cloud is expensive. They would strangely pay a lot more for something Non-Cloud. The cloud business is now growing in places like that plus the telecommunications network in many of these places operate poorly and have given them the reason not to have their business tool in the cloud. But yes it is changing. In my country for example people are discovering it better to use the cloud.

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Indeed, which is what I am working towards

That’s a strange marketing plan.
To me it would make more sense to sell a service to set customers up to do their accounting. Help them configure their software etc. Then point them to the normal update process.

That way you are paid when you provide a service and don’t need to keep providing a service when you are not being paid. You could also offer ongoing accounting services (if you are so qualified) for a fee.

That is unless you are not being entirely accurate on the forum and intend to also change for the update service once they are locked in.

If I give two clients access to my hosting, do I need to purchase two separate licenses for each client or the same license should suffice as long as it is hosted on the same server?

One license is fine.

Thank you for the clarification.
This is a very generous licensing model