Give to the person and charge some money from your desktop edition


Can I give your software to the person that really needs the software, and charge some money considering my effort to help setup and run this software in the person’s computer ?


If you are an accountant, you can charge them for your accounting work as in doing their payroll, end of year returns and any other accounting work etc.

If you are an IT Technician, you can charge them for installing software and supporting their IT requirements.

However, you cannot sell a client Manager as you don’t own the product, the product is provided by the developer for free and you presumably would not be providing support for the software in terms of bug fixes etc.

You can charge for IT support work looking after their IT systems, so if you are spending time on their computer, bill them for your IT Support time, not for the software.


Thank you very much for your much needed help. Is it means that I can tell my client that I will provide him technical service regarding software like installing , teach them about software and charge them for it, but don’t claim ownership.


Yes. You can tell them:

  • that the software is free
  • that you do not make it yourself
  • that it can be downloaded from

And then offer to install it for them, configure their Chart of Accounts / Bank Accounts / Etc, which would presumably involve an hourly rate (or something similar) to reimburse you for your time.


If i subscribe server/cloud edition, can i sell to many clients under one account?


My understanding is that if you are an accountant, you can set up your clients as a business and give them a login. I think that’s one of the main goals of Manager as a product. You then have full access, and you can give them limited access to their own business(es).

If you want to re-sell Manager for them to host on their own servers, using your own branding, that is more of a “white label” situation. You would have to contact the developer to ask if they are interested in offering such an arrangement to you.

Based on what you wrote, I suspect you want the first option anyway.


Yup transparency.


Hi Shane,

I am sorry, i still not clear with the explanation. My question can be best understanding with below explanation :

I subscribe your cloud version. And i advertise for whom interested to buy a account software. Let say, i got 100 customers who want purchase, and i subscribe your cloud version with my own domain. I will send the url link to their email if they paid to me. Can i do like that?

Sorry my bad explanation. Thank you.