Required OS version


The new update is made for Mac OS X 10.14 or newer
is it possible to add a mac os version less than this
Since that update, I couldn’t do any update to my OS X 10.13.6
To allow us to complete our business on the desktop edition?


Most likely, that requirement is for a reason (e.g. dependencies that Manager needs which have that as a requirement) - so I doubt that it could be reduced to support 10.13.x as well.

Your options are likely:

  • Remain with the version you have, with no future updates.
  • Update macOS as soon as you have a chance, to 10.14.x
  • Switch to server or cloud edition (both paid), so that your desktop OS version is not as relevant.
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The problem is my Macbook Pro is not accepting higher than OS X 10.13.6

This means I should purchase a new laptop to can use newer versions of the manager desktop


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