Updating to newer version of desktop

I’m using 15.0.13. Is this the newest? And if not how do I update it?

That’s definitely not the newest, since the first two digits designate the year and there are sometimes multiple releases in a single day.

It’s not too complicated: Click “Desktop Edition” at the top of this screen, or go to www.manager.io and follow the big, friendly “Download” link.

Updating after download is exactly the same as initial installation, except you get the option to keep or replace the old version.

The option to keep or replace only occurs with Mac OS not with Windows OS

Thank you for your help. The only problem now is that I’ve got two of them installed. I didn’t see the option to keep or replace the newer version. Do I have to keep the two of them or can I uninstall the first one?

Which operating system are you on - Mac or Windows.
With Windows, did you Run or Save & Run - either way the updated version should have overwritten the previous edition.

If you Saved and then double clicked the Manager Installer Package, that may give you a double installed, but can’t be certain as Run is always used for updating.

You should be able to uninstall the older edition without a problem, just do your backups first.

Thank you. That’s good to know. I’m using Windows 7.

When I try to update to new version it now tells me I have to have Windows Vista or newer. Since I’m using Windows 7 does this mean I’m not able to update anymore? What are my options if any? Thanks once again.

As Windows 7 was released by Microsoft after Windows Vista this shouldn’t be an issue.
What happened after seeing this message - the update stop, or you just didn’t proceed.
Are you using Windows 7 or Windows XP, support for XP was stopped a couple of months back.

Good news! Thank you. For some reason I thought that Windows 7 was older than Vista. I am using Windows 7. I hadn’t proceeded with the download yet. Thank you very much.