How to download older version?

Hi, My Macbook pro currently runs Mac OS 10.11.6 (this is the max update i can have on my device). How can i download the previous versions? As the new download is for 10.13 and higher.

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Old versions are archived here:

You are going to have to go back a long ways to find something compatible with OS X 10.11. Unfortunately, there is no reverse compatibility guide that tells you what the system requirements were for older versions of Manager.

Did you find what you want?
I have the same OSX.
Navigate to this page
Download the last Manager version for our OSX …Manager 20.9.63.

The moment the Manager dmg goes to 51+ MB you need a minimum of OSX 10.13
Hope this helps.

BTW, Manager is one of the best software I’d ever used, not only referring to accounting software but overall. Super, I never thought this is possible but the team shows, …it is possible. Still new myself and still working myself through the learning curve, I am sure I’ll move to the cloud later on! Sure!

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I need to download the previous version in windows desk top Manager. This is the only entry I can find regarding downloading previous versions.