Request: Replace new lines with HTML <br/> tag when sending emails

I am following on from this 7-month old conversation:

I just ran into this exact issue and was about to post a bug report.

So instead, I’d probably request a feature:

Replace all line breaks in an email with HTML <br/> tag. (if using HTML sending format)

In PHP, this is handled by the function nl2br, because it’s a common requirement to perform exactly this task.

For Manager to do this, it would prevent confusion from users like @Paul_Joubert (the author of that conversation) … and would allow us to use other HTML tags in an email template without having to worry about also surrounding any text with <p> tags.

sorry but i do not see your point in this.
if someone chooses to set the formatting as HTML, they should have some knowledge of html. Else they can use plain text format. Manager already provides the option to choose.

Oh yes, there are definitely ways to work around it. I’m simply attempting to resolve something that might confuse those users that aren’t familiar with HTML.

I don’t recall whether ‘Plain text’ or ‘HTML’ is the default setting?

There’s no significant loss if it isn’t implemented - but I feel that it’d solve a usability issue and that’s why I suggested it.