Email shows in one line

Hi, I just start to use this awesome tool. But I meet a problem on email.

From email template, I set as below.

on preview it shows well.
But after I get the email. All words goes to one single line.

I think, if you want it on separate lines then you need to add HTML code for line breaks at the end of each line.

Not sure of the code but it could be < br > but without the spaces

< div >Hi there< /div >< br >
< br >
< div >Invoice {{reference}} attached. Please pay accordingly< /div >< br>
< br >
< div >Thank you.< /div>

< br >
< div >Toney Tang< /div >< br >
< div >Director< /div >

Above mentioned code should work, and as Brucanna wrote without the spaces.

You don’t need the <div> tags. For example, this code:

First line of text.<br>Second line of text.<br>Third line of text.<br><br>Fourth line, following a blank line.

Produces the following result:

First line of text.
Second line of text.
Third line of text.

Fourth line, following a blank line.

Agreed, don’t put in <div> tags. That makes things unnecessarily complicated.

Paragraph tags also work: <p>First section</p> <p>Second section</p>

First section

Second section

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Thank you guys!

All solutions are working.

I didn’t realize to use the accounting software still need HTML IT knowledge.

It is good to know more knowledge.

You don’t. (You just saw a demonstration of the limits of my ability.) :wink: But just a little knowledge helps you extend the program’s capabilities quite a bit.