Email Structure changes when sent

I would appreciate any assistance with this matter. Below is an image of my email template setup:

As you can see between the two boxes, I have added lines to structure the email correctly, however, upon sending an invoice to myself, this is what the email looks like in gmail:

Is there any way to correct this that email text can be sent with the correct spaces?

You may fine that your email programme is stripping out certain “excess” formatting.

I know that when I enter “tab’s” in an email to format columns of figures, the received email columns looks anything but in columns

Thanks for the quick reply Brucanna, but is there any way to check, or fix this? I’m only using enter spaces, and even that is not pulling through.

Those spaces can be interpreted as “excess formatting” too, depending on your email application and preferences set by the recipient. This is out of Manager’s control. And as a general principle, it is not wise to try to create formatted content within the body of an email. With email, what you see is often not what you get.

I suspect you have Email sending format set to HTML. When rendering HTML, line breaks are ignored and consecutive white space is compressed to a single space character. To have the text formatted correctly when email formatting is set to HTML you can force line breaks either by inserting HTML line break tags or wrapping blocks of text in HTML paragraph tags

Alternatively, set Email sending format to Plain Text, and it should create the line breaks correctly.

Yeah! That’s Correct.

Set Email sending format to Plain Text.

I tested the email with Plain Text format and it worked perfectly. Thank you for the help.