Request - Note field in chart of accounts

Dear @lubos,

here I am again with my old request. We have just onboarded a new fund and we created the starting balance sheet reclassifying data from the previous fund manager. Since we are using also a different chart of accounts coding I need to write somewhere the old codes and some notes (some accounts are splitted, some are aggregated, some are completely reclassified).

Can you provide a note field for the chart of accounts items?
Can you add a flag to balance sheet and profit and loss report to choose whether to show them or not (like accounts codes)?



I agree with this request too. Some accounts need explanations


Whilst I understand your request wouldn’t such a note field become over time a jungle of outdated / irrelevant information.

Taking account “abc”, you onboard a new fund “today” with notes regarding splitting / aggregation / reclassification, next quarter another fund and over time even more funds. In two years from now that account becomes cluttered with various notes and are those relating to the “today” fund that relevant or just historical jungle.

A referencing reconciliation spreadsheet could illustrate the integration between the systems, whilst its being bedded down, but post that - ?

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Each fund has separate accounting. So there will be no jungle at all. The real jungle, in my opinion, is to keep informations in spreadsheets.

Isn’t it easier to maintain a word processing document with detailed descriptions of accounting procedures, account posting practices, and so forth? I find this much more flexible than making abbreviated notes in a field in the Settings tab would be. And I have complete formatting freedom. Plus, I can keep it open separately while bouncing around in Manager.

That’s how I’m doing right now. I would like to have something linked and updated with the real numbers. That’s why I’m doing this request.

What do You mean by linked and updated? Are you suggesting that a Notes field be updated with live data?

Linked. No automatic update. But for instance if a loan account is related to a real estate asset account I want to put it into the note field so that it will be saved in the software.

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I don’t mind adding ability to create custom fields to any screen. Then with custom reports, you would be able to get report containing your custom data.

The issue I have right now is how Custom Fields section is getting really difficult to navigate. Especially if you have a lot of tabs enabled. I have a different idea in mind to make things more intuitive and at the same time introduce ability to add custom fields anywhere.


Please do it soon. Also Business Details and Tax Codes needs custom fields.

A custom field for Business Details would essentially be redundant. You can already put as much information as you want in the Contact details and Business identifier fields using HTML. Custom fields would just place additional information at the bottom of the transaction forms, probably not where you want it.

That’s partially true. As you may know in Italy, and soon in all Europe, digital invoice (XML) has been adopted. Each company has a series of data that should be in the head of the invoice and should be stored in separate fields. So having custom fields also for the company is a must.

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