Optional Account Descriptions

Would it be possible to include an optional description when setting up a new account under Chart of Accounts.
(See mockup of account setup screen below with space for an optional description.)

This description would be inserted into the description field alongside the account name when entering transactions and could be replaced or added to as required. if there is no description in the account setup, the description fiend would be left blank.

The benefit of this approach is that it is completely optional when setting up the account but could be extremely helpful if the account description rarely changes. In the example shown, the account for Bank Interest always receives bank interest and so that seems an appropriate description and would appear on the receipt. This is especially helpful when multiple line (split) entries are used. If no description is provided, the current receipt shows no description of the breakdown of the split entry.

I’m planning to implement enhancement which will automatically put into Description field the account name if description field is left empty. This way description will never be empty on receipts.

You can also create non-inventory items under Settings which have description field you are talking about.