Exchange Rates, COA Groups and Accounts need information / notes fields


@lubos possible to add a field to enter some notes for Groups in COA , accounts and |Exchange rates?
I want to leave some information in a notes field that can give some details to whoever looks at the data in the future.
This morning i went to the website of the central bank of my country to get the opening exchanges rates of various currencies and enter into the system but the data had been removed. I had to go to OANDA to pick the rates there. I wanted to leave information for the source of the exchange rates but don’t have any fields to put them. With groups and accounts, this would give details of the use of that account or group to anyone who will come to use the system in the future. Thanks


+1 from me. If I have to deal local companies transact with neighbour country for gst purpose. And we have like multiple sources of exchange rate depending which bank the transaction occur. Every bank (licensed) have different rates.


Interesting topic. A note field in the exchange rate would be helpful


Also in the COA