Request: New Sales Invoice Select Toggle

Please could consideration be given to the New Sales Invoice page. At present the default is for all items to be selected. It would be nice to have a toggle to either select all or unselect all.

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific?

When the New Sales Invoice page is called, all the Billable work items are tick box selected. I have many future bookings, which I have to unselect in order to monthly invoice for 3 or 4 items. A “Select All” <> “Unselect All” toggle would help me.As would being able to duplicate Billable Work items so they can become recurrent [ just modyfing the date. I freelance my services, and need to book future sessions.

Hope this explains

I see, it wasn’t obvious that you are referring to billable time. There is actually going to be more sophisticated way to create invoices where you will be able to say, “invoice all billable time for the month of September”. That way Manager will do “unchecking process” for you. For now, I’ll just implement something simple that will allow you to uncheck all options at once.

Just wondering if it is possible to add a link to new invoice, on the page when an invoice has been created. It is only savng one step I know, but once an invoice is created you the have to reselect invoices, and the select New invoice, each time. If you have say 10 invoices to enter it is the saving 10 steps.

You must be using an outdated version of Manager, @norfolkislandam . For quite some time, there has been a dropdown arrow integrated into the Create button that allows you to “Create and add another.” That feature accomplishes exactly what you are requesting. The link isn’t on the just-created invoice, but on the entry page.

Hi Tut
Thank you for your reply. I am using 15.4.50. Sorry I have never noticed the choice before, I have simply hit create. Easy when you know how.


Can anybody answer plz, , a template is created with a bit change in code but how could I use these template in regular invoicing?
Coming to Delivery Order, delivery note is only to notify a customer about delivery but sir need to use DO as when sale invoices are created of Booking person all stock should add to Delivery Order so storekeeper may feel easy to put out all stock once rather than to find out stock for each invoice one by one. Plz guide thanx, best Regards, Azhar Abbas Dar

I have just considered my previous response, and there is one advantage in only selecting CREATE over CREATE AND NEW, and that is it does allow a quick glance at the invoice just created, and it can be emailed straight away, or if it has been paid, Receive money can be selected, so personally I like that, so maybe a lnk to new invoice could be on the page of the newly created invoice, and the invoice fully paid screen, probably a bit confusing, just trying to save time.

Please understand, @norfolkislandam, that I pass no judgment on your suggestion. But if this forum shows anything, it is that users around the world have thought of many creative ways to use Manager in their own workflows. @lubos can’t respond to every special use case. And someone can always think of another place to put any given link or button. And every one of those things adds to the bulk of the program and potentially slows it down. I know he tries for a consistent design philosophy in the user interface.

Thank you for your reply, I do agree that too many shortcuts etc. are not always the best.
I also agree it is really good that many people are making suggestions, just goes to show that it is a great programme. I haven’t been near MYOB snce Lubos fixed my tax problem many many months ago.