Making recurring transactions selectable

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my students attend once/twice weekly and I’ve set up recurring sales invoices for them to match their attendance. When I go into the ‘recurring sales invoices’ create screen there are ticks that (in theory) I should be able to select - or not - but it doesn’t allow me to do so.

Would it be possible to make those ticks work so that I could create invoices only for the students that are present?

Thank you very much for an awesome program!

What “ticks” are you referring to? Can you illustrate with screen shots?

If you are referring to the checkboxes on the list that appears after you have clicked the notice that recurring sales invoices are available, all that would happen if an invoice were unchecked is that the invoice would be delayed. That day’s invoice would not be removed from the queue. The instruction to generate it would remain in the Settings tab.

I would find that useful too - sometimes I have to generate sales or purchases invoices and then delete the ones that I didn’t need or where delayed beyond the original deadline

I’m going to guess he means what appears above the “edit” box as when I first saw this in manager, I too thought that symbol was for check boxes and couldn’t work out why I couldn’t select them.

Just a hunch

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.43.26 am

The fist screen that you go into when you are wanting to invoice out a recurring sales invoice looks like this:

Ideally if you untick the ticks then you would not create that invoice… and it would ‘carry over’ to the next date. When I attempt to remove the tick I get a red circle and it doesn’t allow me to untick and therefore I either have to
A) go and ‘postdate’ the recurring sales invoice I don’t want to generate to the following week or
B) generate it and then create a credit note.

It does not allow me to ‘uncheck’ the invoice as you state in your reply.


Thank you for the clarification of what you are suggesting. I have moved this to the ideas category. The same concept could apply to any recurring transaction, so I edited the subject.

Personally, I think the best implementation would not be to carry over the invoice, but just to skip the one that was unchecked. (Sometimes, you might get into a situation where several recurring invoices are past their due dates and all appear. It would be nice to untick one and have other valid ones remain, but not to add the unchecked one to any future transaction.) But maybe we are saying the same thing in different ways.

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I think any unchecked ones should be left as they are and so keep appearing until the user goes into Settings and resets/changes the date of the recurring transaction or deletes it.

Alternatively, there could be an option to reset/change/skip on the select screen itself

Hi Tut,
as usual you have captured my query with so much more grace and elegance than I have!!!
That was EXACTLY what I was clumsily attempting to say!

Ahh, I myself had forgotten about this and have wanted this feature too, especially if as on some occasions I have manually created the invoice early for other reasons and I don’t need the recurring one. So I’ve just created it then deleted it…

But yes, some periods I don’t need all the recurring invoices, and so I suppose this could get unwieldy, does the user want to delay this invoice or delete it entirely? I personally would like the option, check the invoices to a) create, b) delete, or c) leave them so they appear next time I come back to them.

Anyway, I like the idea and have voted.

I assume the user options would be

  • Stop all future -> go to the setting recurring and delete it.

  • Stop it for some time -> go to the setting recurring and set the next due date to a date well in the future.

  • Delete this transaction -> process as normal but when editing the details, delete the transaction

  • Deal with it later -> un-check it when processing others

I was looking for the same thing but maybe didn’t explain my self very well :slight_smile: Defering recurring invoices (and other recurring items)

@novica, your previous topic was more about deferrals of a recurring setup, possibly for unknown periods. Both @d3mad and @Patch also mention more complicated options. This suggestion, as @Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden has now confirmed, is only about skipping the one(s) that you uncheck.

It seems most intuitive to let a user uncheck a specific invoice during the generation process and have it simply not be created in the current batch. (I always wondered why the checkboxes were even there, since they were nonfunctional.) Any other adjustment, such as date or interval modifications, suspension until some future date, and so forth, would require bouncing you to some other screen anyway. So just going into Settings seems the most obvious way to accomplish those.

At any rate, the idea is on the list.

Yeah. Poor use of English language on my side. :confused:

I don’t think your English was poor at all, @novica. I was just pointing out that people had emphasized different aspects of this issue. Solutions could become complex and therefore more unlikely to happen. Or they could be kept simple and we might see a change sooner.

Must be groundhog day - post from 2016 …

Added to the latest version (21.1.33).

There is also Edit button on each recurring transaction so you can make last minute adjustments before Batch Create.