Request: Inventory Items Movement Report by groupings

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This concept has come up on the forum a few times recently. I have put it into the Ideas category.

Thank you so much!

In addition to filter by Locations, you could also have filter by Custom Control account so if you had separate BS inventory accounts such as Raw Materials and Finished Goods, then the reports could also be similarly grouped


This is a great idea, Avery great idea, it can be extended to fixed asset. Where the fixed asset report can be filtered by control account.


If I may add:

I have articles with the same name. The only thing that is different are the colors. For example: I have an article named “Optima Blue” “Optima Red” and so on.

I would like to have a report in which gives me how many Optimas I have sold during the month.

If I sell 3 Optimas (1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green) I want a report that tells me I sold 3 Optimas, instead of telling me separately (just like Inventory Quantity Movement Report does). I really don’t care for the colors because it is the same cost for every “Optima”.

Basically I need filter that can allow me to select items by Name.

Or is it already a report that can give me this info? :thinking:

Hi Manager,

Same time if you could add Name (Unit of measurement- eg: PCS/Ctn) in Quantity Movement Report would be better.

Appreciate your support.

Thank you.

@Biju, do not divert topics with unrelated questions or suggestions. That almost guarantees they get no attention.

i would like to have filter by

  1. item
  2. custom fields
  3. location

Hey guys.
Any update regarding this, I really need this feature.
Thanks alot

People have unfortunately added several features to the original idea. Which one are you asking about?

I was asking separate

This one but I just solve this by custom reporting.