Reports / Taxable Sales per Customer

Reports / Taxable Sales per Customer
Reports / / Taxable Purchases per Supplier

Report is empty, doesn t show any transactions since Version 20.5.17, a bug ?

or is there something else broken ?

You need to furnish more information. Do you have taxable transactions? What does your Tax Summary show? How about your Tax Transactions report? Are there taxable transactions during the period covered by a report you have defined?

Yep, other reports seem OK but those two are broken!

Broken how? Will someone please provide some details?

Thank you. Moved to bugs.

Should be fixed in the latest version (20.5.19)

@lubos Taxable Purchases OK but Taxable Sales by Customer not showing.

OK, the version 20.5.20 should be fixing this too.

Looks to be fixed now…great service @lubos, thanks.