Customer List

I would like to get customer list from Custom Report, but I didn’t get any data.


The current custom reports only reports on transactions - where there any customer transactions in the period you selected?


New feature must be compatible with previous feature
I hope it will be back soon

old version custom report

I to am waiting to be able to create a customer based custom report in the new custom reports engine, like I could in the old custom reports engine for a current membership register for incorporated associations i.e. men’s sheds.
Current Members List

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which version?

latest windows desktop version 20.7.13 does not show customer data. To maintain old customer reports I will not upgrade past 20.6.50. I run latest version in virtual machine for testing.

I have the same issue for inventory kit. You can temporary solve this by using the exporting function from the clients tab. Before you should expose in the list all the custom fields that you need to be exported.

From what I understood, @lubos Is working on a workaround on this issue that will imply the creation of a fictional “order” to list data not linked to a transaction. Don’t know if it will work so much for clients since it will imply the creation of an order for each client.

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