Custom Reports - Disappearing of lots of fields

Dear @lubos, what happend to all the amounts in Custom Reports with the latest update? .

Net Sales, Tax on Sales, Total Sales, Net Purchases, Tax on Purchases and Total Purchases all disappeared in custom reports after the last update.

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Specifically TaxExclusivePurchaseAmount & TaxExclusiveSalesAmount were useful. Now its not possible to create report columns with tax amounts excluded.

I think it is only a bug linked to the recent changes to the tax engine for reverse charge

Since you cannot insert formulas in the report all the values are fundamental for a tax declaration.

Agreed. These were useful.

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.83)

Thanks a lot. Everything works perfectly, also Reverse Charge under custom reports.

With the future add shared (or linked) custom fields between Invoices and Notes I think that I will be able to produce a full italian IVA (and other taxes) reporting.