Reports - MACBOOK

I am trying to print out reports for separate account transactions, such as a cash transactions or bank transactions but I could not find any report that print it or export it to EXCEL or PDF.
I do not mean the summaries, I need the exact account transactions.

Go to bank accounts and open the balance of whichever account you want to export to excel. Then click on the export button at the bottom of the screen. I use windows, but it should work identically in Mac.

Thanks for you response.
I did that but in the export there is only one option which is not supported by Excel.

Yes, it is. Export the TSV file from Manager. Open Excel. Import, selecting the Text import option. You will probably have to change selection options to all file types. Answer the remaining questions according to your desires (and the exact version of Excel you have).

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Hi, I use a Mac and Excel 2016 and had no problem importing the .tsv file into the spreadsheet. When you do eventually get the data into the workbook you’ll find the numbers have a “¬” symbol next to them. If you do a find and replace and leave the replace box blank this will take all these odd symbols out and you should see the correct signage against each entry.


I got it