How can I get account reports separately?

I want to take any of income/expenses account report. (Eg. Employee salary report by specified date wise or employee name, Telephone bill monthly wise )

on the Summary page click the value against the account and export the same to any spreadsheet program. you can filter the details as per your choice in the spreadsheet program.

Thank you

If you are after a set period, then modify the Summary > Set Period to match those dates.
Then click on the blue value to see the related details. If you are using Windows OS, right click on the screen and select print, then there is no need to export first.

it should be noted that if the transactions list is more than one page, the print option would only print the current page. whereas the Export option will get all the transactions.

Not with Win 10, I get multi-screen data to print to multi-pages without any issue, except sometimes you get a blank first page. Also 2 pages of screen data usually creates more then 2 pages of print due to column width format changes between the screen and print.

Screen v’s Print
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this is not the case with my Win 10 Pro.
i just tried my Inventory-sales account for this and it only prints the first page. it does insert a blank first page.

When you right click and select “Print Preview” what do you get ?

Generally I print to PDF and not an actual printer, but that shouldn’t be a difference.

this is exactly what i did.


the 5 pages is actually the 1st of many pages displayed in Manager (including the blank first page).