Export to Excel

I am having problems with exporting to Excel.

The TSV report opens in excel but the number fields appear to be text and are prefaced by A carot.

Changing the format of the cells in excel does not help.

I see similar problems in other topics but I do not see a solution to my problem.

This isn’t a Manager issue, but an Excel “feature.” :wink: Depending on your operating system and version of Excel, you might have many different importing options and protocols to follow. I’ve had similar problems–different ones between Windows and OS X, different with different versions, packages, and updates of Excel–with importing/exporting from several other applications. I recommend some experimentation as you import. Try the different import formats and see what you get. Ultimately, you might have to reformat columns. But in the end, I’ve always been able to get there.

OK I resolved the issue by opening the file with Excel which forced Excel to show me the format and I think the key issue is ticking the box which says the data has a header line.

Unfortunately I think this means that I must use this method every time and I cannot just click on the exported file which appears at the bottom of my screen.

Yes, you can. But don’t think of this as a problem. When you double-click on the exported TSV file, you are opening a TSV file. Your issue is that you don’t want to view a TSV file, you want to view an Excel file. Thus, you must import the file to Excel. If you think about it, you would not want any other file to open in programs other than they were intended. So why do you want this behavior from a TSV file?

I do not understand. When I click on export it only allows TSV file how do you find excel format

if you import into excel the number fields appear as a text this not want i want i need it to be in the pproper excel format. Is this possible?

See my first response in this thread.

That’s because there are lots of different spreadsheet programs used, not just excel. TSV is a format that all spreadsheet programs can use. You can’t possibly expect Manger to list the various formats for all these spreadsheet programs.

is it possible to transfer only recivable or payable to one business to another business

You need to clarify:
Transfer from one Manager Business to another Manager Business, or
Transfer from business to business (receivable to payable) within the one Manager Business
If the later then check out this guide http://guides.manager.io/businesses/customers/contra-entries

I have a similar problem with “customer transactions report” after specifying the dates and generating the reports i wanted to resize the reports (before printing) to one page via “print settings dialog” but every time i try the app crashes. so i wanted to export this to CSV / TSV but there is no option for that.

I am running the current app on - El Capitan OS (MBP)

You can go to Customers tab, click on the figure under Accounts receivable column which will give you list of transactions of the customer. This screen is exportable to TSV.

I still have a problem when I export a TSV file.

The currency field is prefaced by  and when I open in Excel it is treated as a text file.

My solution was to find/replace within Excel.

Find…Hold down ALT 182

Replace…leave blank.

Immediately the column becomes a currency field.

Hope this might help others.