Reports - General Ledger Transactions - Display error


RE: REPORTS > General Ledger > General Ledger Transaction (Display Error)
MANAGER VERSION (1): MAC > 15.3.8 (initially tried on this version)
MANAGER VERSION (2): MAC > 15.3.50 Current version - still same issue

I’m currently running and printing reports for the last financial year (FY 14-15) and have encountered an issue with the General Ledger Transport report.

When I create a new report (i.e. 1/07/14 - 30/06/15) and click “View”, the transactions are displayed on the left hand side (grouped and in date order - which is great and is fine), but the debit and credit amount columns are way over to the right and do not show on the screen - I have to scroll across to see them. When I save the report as a PDF (to be printed), the debit/Credit amount columns do now show at all.

I am thinking that it may have to do with the amount of characters and length of information I have added in some of the transactions that I have created during the year - so the formatting in the program / software may be out, and it’s pushing the information onto one line and stretching it across the screen? It’s just a guess and I may be totally wrong.

I was originally on Manager (Mac) version 15.3.8 and have updated to 15.3.50 to see if this fixes the issue but I get the same result when I run the report and view on the screen.

When I look at the same report from last year (PDF that I saved last year), it displayed correctly but if I look at the same report in Manager now, it has the same issue - so it must be a bug or issue with the coding??

Is anyone else getting this same issue/error? And is there a fix to this?


I have called attention to this problem also. The issue is that Manager is adjusting column width to fit the longest entry in the description column. It is probably just coincidence that when you looked at a report previously, you did not have any lengthy entries. But your comment about last year’s report is puzzling, because this report did not exist until a couple of months ago. It was recently created in response to user requests.

The other problem with the report is the random organization of accounts. I have suggested that the report be organized is the same fashion as the Summary page.


Hi Tut,

The General Ledger Tranastions report option was definitely available last year as a reporting option in Manager as I have the PDF in my digital tax files for the Financial Year 13-14 (PDF created 23 Sept 2014). When I now view this General Ledger Transactions report but for FY 13-14, it does the same thing on the screen but back in Sept 2014, it was fine and yes, I had some long descriptions. Anyways, hoping there’s a fix to this sometime soon.


Well, I don’t know what to say! Perhaps this is a report that became automatically available when report visibility was tied to which tabs were enabled. At any rate, I had never seen it until a couple months ago. Suddenly, there it was. At any rate, the report formatting seems to have changed.


I fixed this issue in the latest version (15.3.52)


Many thanks Lubos, very much appreciated!