Total Missing in "General Ledger Transactions - Report"

In latest version 22.1.2 of manager… in the report section General Ledger Transactions… It can not display Total Debit and Credit of each account. (currently we can get Balance in that) but not the total.
In previous Version we was getting total of each account in General Ledger transactions. (I have approx 1year older version of manager in my old computer)

In current version we get the Total of Each account in “General Ledger summary - Report” only and not in “General Ledger Transactions - Report”. As per me It’s good to have Account Total in “General Ledger Transactions - Report”

I’m not aware of this, probably I wasn’t paying attention. If the feature was there and now it’s gone, it’s probably one of two things:

  • It’s a bug or
  • The feature has been deprecated for one reason or another

Either way, sharing a screenshot from before and after the change is useful.

even I am not sure if the total of debits and credits were displayed in the General Ledger Transactions report.

a quick search of the forum shows it was not available prior to June 2021 or on versions 20.5.20 or 19.12.24

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here it is… Just for Reference.

I also send one post link … It also have total … (But the heading is gone just displayed total between 2 lines - So need to check the heading by scrolling up (if too many entries)

The Added “Balance” column is very good. But Total is also required. (Currently total of debit and credit is displayed in General Ledger Summary with the balance column)

Thanks for quick search references. one of the post having total without heading as told above.

the screenshot which has totals is a custom report and not the default built-in General Ledger Transactions report.

Isn’t the total equal to last row in the balance column?

no. that would be the difference of debits and credits for any given account. I think @AaiRIz wants a total of the individual debits and credits for each account seperately (similar to what we have in Tax Transactions report).

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But my attached screenshot is built-in report form the older version of manager.

Balance = Credit - Debit
we can get the same balance at last line. But currently we can not able to get the Total credit or total debit amount… from General Ledger transaction report… Yes we can get all (Total debit, total credit and balance) by general ledger summary report.

I want to clear one thing that this feature is not necessary. (Because we can check that by general ledger summary)… But good to have. By this we can check totals directly from General Ledger Transactions report.

Absolutely True.

it must have been older than version 19.12.24 because the earlier link proves the totals you have shown were not available in that version. so it might be a feature that existed more than 2 years ago.

i guess this might be false then. can you provide the version number from the old computer which produces totals for individual accounts?

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May be true. Because it’s my office computer and last software update was may be before 1st corona pandemic.
and for version number I need to check by that computer… (Attached screenshot was from the Saved PDF from last financial year data reports.)

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If Manager team or @lubos will implement this then it would be a good thing. very thanks.