General Ledger Transactions report doubles total when exported

When I Export any “Report>General Ledger Transactions” (whether it is for a certain period as a month or full year), Each accounts total calculates double.
let’s say if I make a report(General Ledger Transactions) of all accounts (not selecting one account), Each account’s closing balance comes as the total, then the next row totals doubles the closing balance. This is happening end row of each and every account. If screen shot needed, I’ll post it here.

please post screenshots.

Manger is a double entry accounting system, which is visible when looking at low level transaction. The total show the sum of all entries displayed, it is up to you to make sure it is a meaningful result. Typically a search term can be added so only one of the double entries are shown.

Screenshots added here:
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looks like you have messed up you chart of accounts. i think instead of creating accounts you have created groups.
please post a screenshot of your COA.

To be clear, GL report export only have this issue, report direct print don’t have

This behavior has nothing to do with your chart of accounts, @Shan. It is a result of the way the export function works. If, for some reason, the bult-in General Ledger Transactions report itself does not give you the information you want, and you wish to get it into a spreadsheet to modify it or extract data from it, use the Copy to clipboard button instead of exporting it. Paste the copied data into a spreadsheet and you will not see the totals of entries like you do when exporting.

As a matter of historical interest, the developer once removed the Export button from reports after Copy to clipboard was added. But users complained, so it was put back.

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I get the same result.
Exporting the General Ledger Transaction report adds the line Total - account nn.nn nn.nn
This Total line is not on the View report or the Print report or the PDF report button.

Now that I’ve had more time to look into this, I find no other report that behaves this way when it is exported. So I am going to move this to the bugs category. To better illustrate, this report:

produces this export, adding a Total line to the closing balance:

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.08.03 PM

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Thank you “Tut” for took time to look in to this mater and your better clarification. as long the “copy to clipboard” would do the work correctly, it’s fine.
Thanks again to everyone for your helps.

Fixed in the latest version (19.12.24)