General Ledger Detail Report

I love the reports that are available, but would like a detail general ledger report listing transactions by date similar to the Trial Balance showing transactions in chronological order. Also, it would be nice to have the report header (report name and date range) print on each page. Headings currently print on page 1 only.

I am using version 14.1.23 on Ubuntu 13.10 (Just upgraded today.)

Check new version (14.1.24) which now includes new report General Ledger Transactions

Make sure to enable the report first under SettingsGeneral Settings

Report header should be printed on each page. This might be specific issue with Ubuntu 13.10 only though. I recommend to use Email button to generate PDF documents for the time being.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I just downloaded 14.1.23 today. I’ll have to check for the newer version.
Tested the email and I’m very pleased with the results. If I could generate the pdf without emailing the report to myself that would be even better, but this solution works well.

Edit: Just installed 14.1.23 - Works Great! Thanks.

re General Ledger Detail Report. This is a helpful report if you want a particular transaction on a particular day. It would be most helpful to look at an individual GL Account in a selected date range, and just see the transactions for that account. This helps to quickly see what has happened particularly if there are multiple entries by different methods…eg purchase, journal, spend money from bank account. It gives an instant overview of ALL transactions.

I hope that makes sense

When you create General Ledger Summary report, the figures on this report should be clickable. Clicking on Net Movement amount for any account will give you list of transactions for that particular account for the period specified in General Ledger Summary. Have you checked it out?

No. I had only checked out the General Ledger Transaction report

The General Ledger Summary is exactly what I was looking for.

Many thanks.

Dear sir kindly General Ledger Report given without selection account if i see only Entertainment account so i could see so please insert this field thanks