Reporting - Tax Transaction

@lubos since in Italy, for the purchase invoices, we must have to different IDs, one external (the supplier invoice ID) and one internal (VAT protocol) I created a custom field called “VAT Register” that I input by hand. I need this VAT Register to be shown in the Tax Transaction report together with the Invoice Number. Can this be implemented?


Can you be more specific?

  1. What are you entering in your custom field, VAT Register? Is it the “supplier invoice ID” or the “VAT protocol?”
  2. Whichever it is, please describe it in more detail. For example, if it is the supplier invoice ID, do you mean a VAT registration number of the supplier that never changes? Or do you mean the serial number on the supplier’s sales invoice, which you enter as a purchase invoice? If it is the VAT protocol, how is that number assigned? Does it depend on the supplier, the type of goods or services, place of supply, or some other factor? How is it determined, and under what circumstances might it change?

@Tut In the custom field I put the VAT protocol. It’s an internal yearly progressive number just like the sale invoice. A field with auto-numbering like in the sales invoice would be great.

This could be handled with a custom field, if the field could generate an automatic sequence number. This has, in fact, already been in the Ideas category: Suggestion for additional custom field types. However, that would not make the custom field show on the Tax Transactions report. In general, I don’t think any reports include custom fields, because Manager cannot know what they are in advance, so it is difficult to code the formatting.

That’s what I’m already doing with custom field (manually). @lubos should expand the possibility to show them in the tax report or, at least, create, in the purchase invoice, a field “Reference” with automatic sequence number.