One touch payroll NZ

Hi @lubos, I wonder if any of these pages would be of any use to you when it becomes time to do payroll for NZ. I have been using ACE payroll and we save the CSV file then go into IRD and upload it. Thought you could maybe recreate a csv file in the same way so we could save and upload to IRD

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I think that page is for gate way service provides. Manager may use a gate way provider in the future but I would be surprised if they became one.

However it appears your government offers user file upload

Manager producing a suitable file is probably more acheivable as that is what is done for Australia
Adapting the Australian STP localisation maybe achievable depending on what file format and data is required by your ird

There is going to be custom localization for New Zealand as well but currently the framework to implement localizations is not good enough to provide enough flexibility for all the countries. I have fresh ideas Iā€™m working on which will make localizations easier to implement.

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Thanks. Do you have a tentative date for it?

Yes once @Patch you are correct a file upload would be awesome. I had to buy ace payroll because no accounting package in NZ allows you to upload the file. What I mean is ACE is the only one that lets you save the necessary Data to a CSV file so it can be uploaded to IRD. It is not compulsory for us to to it directly(one touch) .Anyway long story but ACE crapped out so built my own payroll in excel(took me forever to get holiday pay and hours weeks owing etc right it works of the tax tables which I downloaded from IRD) then I transfer it to manager to do the payslips then log in (I am a Tax agent)to IRD an enter manually all the pays. if manager could build the CSV file so we could upload it would be awesome

Hi Wornout Accountant, may I ask why you would want to save it and not lodge directly?

its not that I dont want to lodge it directly with ACE it was a stand alone desk top package which suited me as our internet where I come from has problems and can at times be slow even though we are on fibre. My client also wanted to see the CSV file before I lodge it and as they paid me and were not breaking the law I went with it even though it took me longer to do a pay run they only had 2 employees .and it is easier for manager to do a CSV file than lodge directly for NZ and because its easier it might get done a little bit quicker than building something that lodges directly

I bet you have lots of Ideas keep them coming as manager is awesome. but it is not mandatory to do a direct upload, we can upload a CSV file ourselves which is still quicker than loading all the data in by hand .What does disappoint me is that I have read a few reports on google about the free accounting packages that are around and not once is manager mentioned I always comment on the ones I can.