Report printing: page numbers

When printing a large, multi-page, report page numbers would be a good addition, so when checking paper books it is clear all transactions are printed and no page is missing. Is this easy to implement?

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It’s something I will be adding in a few weeks.


Meantime, my practice is to print to a PDF and then to add page numbers to the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat.


Hello Lubos, Thanks for all the work you and your team have been doing…
I need to ask, if you could let me know how I can add Page numbers to my custom template…
I would like to know if it could be possible to add page number like: Pag.1 of 2, Pag.2 of 2, etc…
Do you think you could let me know what type of code I need to add to my template?
If you want I can share my template code…
I had to make several testes in order to get the template according to what I wanted and made a lot of searches on the internet to see if I could learn a little bit about HTML code.


I think this is something PDF generator should be adding to pages automatically. Not something you should manually do within HTML theme. I will need to look at this.

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Thanks a Lot.
I will be waiting for any feedback.

Has there been any progress on this?

Is it possible to add page numbers also to reports not subject to themes?

No. Reports except statements cannot manipulated except for editable options on their Edit screens.

I know it. Is it possible to implement it by putting it into ideas?

This has been discussed several times in the past, and action was promised. I think, because of that, it never made it to the ideas category. I’m moving this thread and changing the target topic to the ideas category.

Added to the latest version (18.7.20)

Hi Tut, Lubos,

Running Desktop Manager 18.7.21 on Mac High Sierra.

Pagenumbers are not shown on the Profit And Loss Statement (Actual vs. Budget). It is a multi-page report.

Is this still a ‘idea’ or is this intentionally ?


You will see it only in the PDF file not on the screen.

Thks! I stand corrected. The page numbers only show on the actual PDF, not when hitting the ‘Print’ button from the output options. E.

Has this ever been added since 2016?

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