Monthly and Annual Payroll Activity Summary

is it possible to create a Monthly and Annual Payroll Activity Report in the Payroll Module

What information are you looking for that isn’t already provided by the current payroll reports?

I need to know: A Summary for each month and annually for Gross Wages, Tax and Superannuation Payment for each Employee so I can make payments to the ATO for PAYG and Superannuation SGC monthly and have the other detail Annually to prepare Payment Summaries for Employees and an Empdupe file for the ATO.


All that is available in the payroll reports if you use payslip items correctly.

I have set up the payslips according to the guide but it doesn’t recognise any when I try to print a report

Then you either are not entering payslip items correctly or are not using the various reports correctly. Can you illustrate your problem with screen shots?

I have got it working now - thank you very much for your patience