Printing Journal Entries

Under report, cannot find reports for Journal Entries

Export the listing under Journal Entries tab. Or perhaps the General Ledger Transactions report will give you what you want.

Manager don’t have print out of source documents posting.
Difficult to trace or audit a transaction posting flow.

Well, General Ledger Transactions report is a list of all debits and credits across all accounts.

Export option is not available in Manager 17.5.0 on Linux

This is a known bug.


Can u provide link to old version

You can’t go back to any older versions if you have posted transactions into 17.5.0 version.
The data files aren’t backwardly compatible.

So I m stuck. Pl help with this issue. When will new bug free version

Probably never. New features are continually being added. Sometimes these result in regression bugs or users think up novel use cases that weren’t anticipated and a bug that has been lurking in the depths suddenly manifests itself. But I don’t think you will ever encounter an application where the developer is more responsive to user feedback. Most bugs are sorted in days, some in hours.

Meanwhile, I know of a bug in Microsoft Office that has plagued me for 12 years.

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I mean this export bug…