General Ledger Transaction Report - Accountant Questions


My accountant wanted to see the detailed general ledger report of all the individual transactions that occured during the fiscal period. I submitted the General Ledger Transactions report and received the following comment:

“These are the correct detailed ledger transactions, however there is no column for transaction reference number or matching account entry (the accounting standard is a double entry accounting ledger). Are you able to get this information in the report?”

As their question asks, can I get this information to print somehow?

They are referring to seeing every transaction in a Journal format - the transactions debits and credits together.
Unfortunately no, but provide them with a copy of the Trial Balance, this highlights the double entry at work.

Thanks for your answer. Is it possible to create a custom report with the requested information? I see custom reports let us specify where to query for data and so forth.

Anything may–and I stress may–be possible with custom reports. But that module is a work in progress for which there is no documentation. So you can experiment to see what results you can produce. But there is no help available.

You should ask the accountant to download the desktop edition then send the backup file for access to all accounting data and reporting capabilities directly from Manager.

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Perhaps I should just create an account for them on the cloud edition and create a second business from a backup, which I could then give them access to.

Why create a second business? Just give them viewing permission.

I don’t have the option to create a user with only viewing permissions. I can only choose between administrator and restricted user. Is it possible to specify the viewing permissions somewhere else?

Look toward the bottom of this Guide:

I have some new information after speaking with my accountant and letting them take a look at Manager. The lack of a detailed general ledger with double entries and reference numbers does not meet the minimum accounting reporting requirements for Singapore. They specifically need a detailed general ledger with double entries and reference numbers as the minimum requirement. After looking through the Manager forum, it appears others need this report as well.

Since this information is readily available in Manager, how about:

  • Providing a snippet to create this information using custom reports, or
  • Let us export this information as a spreadsheet for any given date range?

@lubos was mentioning in the thread I linked to that Manager isn’t optimized to display the thousands or tens of thousands of lines that might be included in this report. I haven’t seen any export function however that enabled this, as was mentioned.

Since is accounting software it would make the app tremendously more robust if it could produce the detailed general ledger with double entries, either as an exportable spreadsheet or as a custom report. It seems to have been requested for various reasons before (regulatory compliance, backups, redundancy - a detailed general ledger with double entries contains everything needed to recreate a company’s books).

Since this information is technically already available in Manager, are there plans to make a detailed general ledger with double entries available as a report or exported data?

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I would also vote this up. It’s the fundamental tool for an auditor, and merely giving them access does not satisfy their need to be assured that everything is being handled correctly and transparently.
Allowing them to see what ‘we’ see doesn’t prove anything, and making them do extra work and investigation just puts up their fees and costs us more money.
Transparency is the thing - and as transactions get more complicated it’s a good tool for debugging as well.

A major reason for Sage Accounts growth in the UK was their provision of just such a facility, which endeared them to accountancy firms and had them recommending Sage to so many of their clients.



To me, this is in the scope of custom reports which I’m planning to nail in upcoming months.

General Ledger Transaction Report can be very long with many columns. This is ideal use case for custom reports which will be exportable to spreadsheet.

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Hi @lubos, if this will be available as a custom report, will it be possible to show columns for transaction reference number and matching account entry?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the idea of custom reports that you will be able to include any column you need.

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