Removing port number

I have manager server edition. I installed and its working fine. The issue I have is instead of having manager on how can I make it
I installed on ubuntu.

You are asking Manager to run on a standard web port. This is not advisable… the way you have deployed manager is correct as it is for an “out of the box deployment”. I recommend you setup and deploy manager for https and use certificates to secure and encrypt your data to and from your Manager server / website. This is really outside the scope of the forum and depends on your domain name etc. Contact me privately if you wish to pursue this option.

I understand the implication of deploying on standard web port and that is why am asking how to do that

If you look back through the installation instructions, you will see where the port number is set in the system service config file.

Option 1: change it there, and restart manager

Option 2: create a port forward on your router that forwards incoming requests on port 80 to port 8080 of your server

There are problems with both methods, but as long as you are aware of the risks, the choice is yours how you secure your server.

Go over the instructions again regarding caddy but do reassess your requirement to use port 80.

Having just said that, technically you haven’t asked how to make it use port 80, you’ve just said using it as an IP address. If prefixed with https then it’s not “insecure” and you could already be using certificates (via caddy or whatever method you have chosen).

Re-read the instructions and maybe better explain what you are trying to do. eg, are you trying to access it just on your internal network on port 80? are you trying to access it via the internet without (or with) certificates? Are you only trying to access manager on the computer it is installed on? More information would help us help you

@d3mad Thank you for your reply. This is what I want to achieve. I have installed the manager already on ubuntu. I Used digital Ocean. I have a domain name and I want to have the installation on to be pointed to so that users visit and will not see the ip at all. I will appreciate if you can assist with a guide.


This is not a Manager problem, this is a generic network server set up problem so you will get better support in a networking forum. The Manger guides make no attempt to provide sufficient information to perform these tasks (as it is a network administration not accounting application task). Running a network server requires set up and maintenance of multiple network functions including internet (vs intranet) access, custom domain, secure access, server backup, software maintenance & upgrades. Like most tasks, knowing what you don’t know is the most difficult.

This is why the “Cloud” (hosted & maintained by NGSoftware Pty Ltd) is optimal for most people.

Server administration basic concepts

  • is an intranet address

  • Digital Ocean hosted domain name can be configured to point to your internet IP address

  • Your router or proxy server can be configured to route internet request to your computer hosting Manager (on and intranet address)

Yeah I’m going to have to side with @Patch on this one, it sounds like you need a better understanding of underlying networking fundamentals at which point you really should be using the cloud solution and not slap hazardly throwing up your (or your clients) accounting data up in a network you don’t understand.

  • The guide I pointed you to tells you how to change the port number.
  • Digital Ocean has a plethora of guides on networking and DNS and so you’re probably better off asking those sorts of questions there, but
  • I would urge you to reconsider the cloud version and put your digital ocean funds towards it instead.